Unwinding After A Hard Week at School  

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

by Siax Siacor

I am who I am….. my external aura is my inside attitude… I am not plastic…. And I always make it a point to find happiness in everything I do…..

Being a working student and a scholar at the same time is not that easy. You have to wake up early and sleep late at night just to cope up with both of them. I am Francis Dave Siacor, 19 years old, single from Mandaue City, Philippines. My friends call me Siax, that's also my name when you surf me up at Friendster.

Let's see how does my ordinary day start? Well, the first thing I always do in the morning is stretch my body out. Then if there are classes, I immediately go to the bathroom and clean myself, then change clothes and eat breakfast…. Then go to school… if there are no classes I usually eat breakfast first then watch morning news then relax a bit then take a bath. Not many students watch morning news nowadays but for me I do watch it because it keeps me informed of what's happening here and in other countries.

When there are no classes in the afternoon, I usually read books, watch television and listen to music or do something recreational. At night I am only hooked with the television unless there are things that need to be accomplished. Actually I am a night person, though don't worry because I am not a vampire.

My ordinary days are quite boring but relaxing….. those are just the times when I can unwind during a hard week of going to school..

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