Striving for Education... A Life of Trials and Success.  

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Irene Yabut or Rhenz as she is known in BROOD is a woman with a strong personality, friendly, loving and caring. She is someone whom you can defend on in times of need. Now she shares her life story with us...

Striving for Education... A Life of Trials and Success.
by Rhenz

Irene YabutI am Irene Yabut, 23 years old residing at Sampaloc, San Rafarel, Bulacan. I graduated high school in 2002. At this same time my father died while asleep on April 5, 2002. When this happen my siblings and I were both studying. My sibling is in college while I am an incoming college student. Because of difficulty in financial resources my mother told me to stop studying.

Determined to study and finish college I became a working student. I worked as a shopkeeper of my aunt in the market and also help my mother in buying fish at the wholesale market. Because of this work load my study was heavily affected. I was not able to attend one of my class subjects and even if I attend it I am always late thus I failed this subject.

My mother was so anxious of me graduating from college and for this reason she decided to mortgage the house. When I am in 2nd Year College one of my uncle decided to help us and finance my studies. We are debt bound that time and because of that our own house was sold in order to pay for the debts. When I entered 3rd Year college my uncles who was helping us died. But my mom and I never gave up in order for me to continue studying.

Financial difficulties in our family continued but I managed to finish college in 2007. The only negative effect of these difficulties is the fact that I was not able to pay all the expenses in school thus I was unable to get my credentials in school.

Upon graduation I then worked at Bethlehem School as a Toddler Teacher under the Dutch. Now, I was transferred to Liceo de Bethlehem and still pursuing my chosen career in teaching. I know that it is difficult and at times I wanted to give up and pursue other work opportunities but my heart for the kids of Liceo de Bethlehem is what made me stay and go on teaching these kids.

My teaching career at Liceo makes me remember my own hardship in studying and I wanted to give something for these children so that their hardships will be lessened in my own simple way.

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