The Feeling of Being Alone and Suicides  

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Most of the time people who feels that they are alone have the greatest change of having suicidal tendencies. My source? Well, my personal experience in life. I had these suicidal tendencies when I was young because I always thought that I am alone and no one loves me. When I grew up and realized my complex sexuality and thought that no one will ever accept me for who I am, I once again developed suicidal tendencies.

The thought to commit suicide is not uncommon especially to teenagers. When life seems to be cruel and when they find no one to turn to, it is easy to just say, "This life is not worth living for". And then they commit suicide and say farewell to the world.

On the contrary however, no one is really alone specially if you are a good and happy person. Most of those who have the feeling of being alone had not actually tried their best to see the goodness in their lives.

Ending ones life will never be the answer to solve the feeling of being alone nor the problems in life. Suicide is a manifestation of cowardice to bravely face life and make the best out of it. As one great philosopher said, "Trials and sufferings is what makes us realize happiness and the beauty of our life.

Here are two songs which I would like to dedicate to all of you and I hope that you realize how beautiful life is. These two songs save me from committing suicide.

The Greatest Love of All. It's all about learning to love yourself.

Hero - Mariah Carey. Look inside you and be strong and you finally see the truth that a Hero lies in you.

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