My Only Wish is to Be Happy and Make a Difference  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Most of the time it is really hard to make a difference for sometimes you find yourself lost within yourself. You make friends with people and you took care of the relationship you will have with each of them. You will always try not to speak ill of them nor upset them. Then again, at times you found yourself disrespected and ill spoken of by the very people that you have protected and loved. You hope that these people will also protect you the same way that you are protecting them but then you will just be disappointed. People who tries to make a difference usually ends up at the ire of other people and blamed for any shortcomings which in reality was not even caused by him. Is this the sad irony and reality of this world?

Speaking from my own experience, I constantly encountered this. Years ago after I have found out my source of happiness within making a difference for this world through my organization and the way I deal with people, at times the feeling of being lost still comes back to me. I ask myself what am I doing? I ask myself, what in the world am I thinking? How about me? Will I just be silent and not even tell them how bad I fee?

I do not want to have enemies nor have people that are mad at me because I believe that this is just worthless and should be avoided if one can. Life is too short to have enemies so why not build bridges and friendship rather than build walls that separates people.

At events I exhaust myself beyond my usual limit. I never ever try to hurt my friends. I always try my best at everything and at the task given to me... but all seems to be different when things end. If there will be a problem within those task be it caused by you or not, you are the one that will suffer.

I am inside a circle of many problems. Struggling each day to survive and hoping that things will be better for everyone. Sometimes the problem becomes insurmountable but still I try to be strong for the people that I love.

There is one thing that I hope for though... that perhaps I also deserve the love and respect that I have ... and the understanding that I had always give to every fellow...

Life is such a fascinating endeavor... in which we are all but temporary residents.

Though it is hard to make a difference, I believe that it is worth all the effort for it is life's ultimate purpose.

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