Nicanor Perlas is the Black Swan, We Should then Transform to be a Black Swan.  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

It seems that a political campaign is prone to people imitating the words and branding of other candidates. The latest of this imitation is the Black Swan of Nicanor Perlas.

A rival candidate is now referring to himself as the "Black Swan" of Philippine politics. Being a supporter of Nicanor Perlas since the day he decided to run I personally know that Nicanor Perlas is the "REAL BLACK SWAN" in the current political landscape of the Philippines.

Nicanor Perlas is the only candidate who is not a politician and is genuinely practicing what he preaches... NEW POLITICS.

Personally it is indeed hard to fight in a campaign in which most people thinks traditionally and sees candidates in terms of television advertisements, number of posters, number of people in their campaign team and more rather than the "real" intention of the candidate in running for a position.

I am not voting in 2010 for Nicanor Perlas because I am his fan nor am I voting for him just because I like him. I am voting for Nicanor Perlas because I want this country to be different. I want this country to be better.

This is the reason why I choose Nicanor Perlas, the Black Swan of politics.

Since Day 1 and since he declared his candidacy openly, Perlas had reffered to Nassim Nicholas Taleb even in his video below you can see this.

If someone is indeed the black swan in this election then he must have a deeper and concrete understanding of why he is indeed that. He needs to know and understand the problems of our country and resolves within himself that the REAL SOLUTION IS US.

We need to see the black swan in all of us and make that the prominent characteristic.


Think about it my friends... please visit

He is my president! He is my black swan!

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