Books are Power!  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Books are the hidden treasure that each of us should really not miss. Books contains information that can help us in various endeavors in order for our life in this planet to be fruitful. Books gives us knowledge and with knowledge comes power.

That is why in the Philippine educational context and around the world a major key to learning are textbooks. The cost of a textbook does not matter as long as the information are correct and relevant. There are cheap textbooks that can surpass even the quality of costly ones.

DepED and the government here in the Philippines is faced with the problems of textbooks having incorrect or erroneous information. These erroneous information serves a great danger since they will also feed that same information to students who will be thinking that they are indeed correct.

Thus, the quality and correctness of a textbook is of major importance. It is as if you are giving the wrong medicine to a patient and with that medicine the patient may suffer and eventually die.

A student is like a patient in this world waiting to learn and be empowered with knowledge. Every wrong information fed into them will become a problem as they grow and eventually believe it as a fact.

Thus the power of a book is so strong that we must always consider its contents. Whatever is contained in a book can either have a positive or negative effect on the person reading it.

Books are bastion of knowledge and with correct knowledge it becomes a powerful force that will guide a person throughout his life.

Happy reading!

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