Learning from a Story of a Friend  

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yesterday I called my long time friend who had been a brother to me. I called him because after a long time he texted me and told me that he and his family is in danger of being evicted from their house. Bothered by it I did call him.

It was a relief to once again talked to my friend but it was also a painstaking talk as I learn about the ordeal he is in.

Lei had been married to the girl of his dreams. He had a gorgeous wife and he had made a really good start with his family. They have a very wonderful child, Xyrn. Xyrn was a name that Lei had ever since he was still young and eventually it was given to their first child.

All was going well. He had a job at a call center company then got promoted in a short period of time. They had a good life and it seems everything was okey until a strong trial came.

His wife wanted to help her brothers and sisters get a job and a good life. So they decided that they could stay at home with them until they do find a job. It was very natural for Lei to agree since it seems that is the character he did get from me as his friend and mentor. They also agreed that there will be a sharing of expenses in the house.

Everything seems to be okey until it had been long and still his wife's siblings were not able to find a job and was not sharing in the house expenses. Lei had to sacrifice what he had in order to help his wife and her siblings at the expense of their child and their own family.

That's not all it seems due to his sacrifices Lei is suffering from an illness which I hope is still reversible and curable otherwise I might not be able to forgive those who had driven him to this point. It was indeed unfair that such a good person like him should suffer so much.

I do not know all of the details of what happened but with how we talked at the phone it seems it was indeed a great burden. I salute his sacrifice and kindness but still I maintain that in helping others there must always be a limitation. If helping them is making us suffer too much and is no longer the right thing to do then let them be. Sometimes helping is no longer the right and healthy option for these people might already be using us and abusing our kindness.

To Lei, always remember that as blood brothers and brothers in BROOD I will always be here for you and I hope that you emerged victorious in this battle in your life.

Life is good and we must stand strong every step of the way.

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