Lighting that Suits the Eyes  

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Proper lighting is very important for it helps us get through a certain place. Lighting also aids our vision to see better. That is why when we are trying to put lighting in our house like bathroom lights, bedroom lights, dining lights and more we must see to it that these lights do fit our need and the place that they will be installed.

Since the discovery of electricity and humanities massive use of technology we cannot live without lights. We become irate and uncomfortable whenever there are power interruptions. We can't live without electricity and without lights anymore.

Gone are the days when most people sleep as early as 8 in the evening. Some households now specially the teenagers sleep as late as 1 in the morning specially if they are engaged in social networking sites and games.

Lights therefore plays a very important role. Therefore proper lighting for the house should conform for the purpose for which the light was intended to be used for.

For example a study room light should not be too bright nor be dark. A bathroom light should be a little bit dark but not too much. A light on the living room must be bright. A light on the porch or outside of the house must really be bright since it is part of security of the household.

Choose lighting wisely... choose what suits the eyes and the purpose.

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