BFF = Best Friends Forever: What would you do for your BFF?  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I do not know if the term BFF was only used here in the Philippines or is it a worldwide known term. BFF means "Best Friends Forever."  This term seems to be used for friends whom you think you would never leave regardless of what happens in your life.  It can be a male or a female and sometimes for the opposite sex this term is used also for two people who unknowingly really love each other.

Today, we would share a story through a video which was shared to me by Marian Gatchalian.  It tells the story of how a great friendship can lead to confusion and eventually to tragedy.

People tend to do things that we misinterpret.  They sometimes does not explain why they decided to hurt us and most of the time it is too late to know that what they did was eventually in order to protect us.

Way back in 2006, I met this girl whom ... well I fell in love with.  Yes, I did.  I know that those reading will speculate and create stories about this but hey this happened and it is part of my life.  She came at a time when I was lost and down and she also fell in love with me.  In the end however after 3 months, I decided to finally say that we are not meant for each other and for 2-3 years she hated me for that.  She was terribly hurt, however the truth of the fact is I did it for her.

People will do everything for love and those people who really love others will sacrifice their own happiness just to see the person they love the most happy.  I know that in my life there are those people who are with me despite of my limitations and imperfections and no matter what I will never forget them.

People make decisions based on how they perceive problems and how they perceive the solutions to be.  When we have friends remember that they are first and foremost OUR FRIENDS and for others OUR BESTFRIEND FOREVER.

I hope you like this story and article.  In my life, I never regret about things for they are my decisions.  Thanks for reading!

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