How to be a Father? (Understanding Your Parents 3)  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Perhaps many of you did ask that, the first time you thought about becoming a parent.  It was a long time ago, a full school year since I wrote a piece about "Understanding Your Parents."  It was a full school year full of new experiences, new found joy, new realizations and new trials and triumphs.  For the first time in my life I was able to finally stand at the forefront and support my kids.  It was a self victory for me and a fulfillment of a dream I long sought for.

Budgeting money was one of the hardest.  My kids never knew that at some point it came to a balance of just two pesos in my bank account and then staring at the sky wondering how to survive considering all the daily cost needed.  However, I am a person which always think positive and know that by God's loving grace things will be fine.

It was His work and with the goodness of others that we never go hungry, we never miss a meal and we managed to go through each of those months together as a family.  It was just lately that I would find out that my kids would save money in order to help me pay for things.  My children would cook in the house and I would have the taste of good food.  I was not a good cook and that is a fact.  They would do the laundry and also clean and arrange the things on the house.

Many would not believe that my kids are actually doing things like that.  I never had training on how to be a father because I never have one in the first place since he was dead even before I was born.  My greatest fear was how to be a father to my kids.  It was made even more complicated when the home that I tried to build went down and was broken beyond repair.

A typical day at home

A simple Christmas food during December 25, 2012

My kids usually do the laundry
As a father, I know that I should take the responsibility to somehow rebuild that home.  That home might be at a different place and with different people but it should make sure that it would provide the love and care necessary to build a home.  A father needs to provide for his family not only monetary needs but also love and affection.  Moreover, if you are a single father like me, you should also in part provide the aspects of motherhood by being an example to them and giving them advise.

To tell you the truth, I had broken the normal norms and ideals of what a father is supposed to be.  I thought my eldest kid how to drink liquor with me.  I discuss with my kids about their problems and answers them truthfully and direct.  For me, it is better to be honest and explain it to them so they will know and that they will be prepared.

Computer, internet and games are some of my kid's past time

Visit to our relatives in Marikina City
When I ended my contract in my previous work, I was worried that the home I am building will be shattered once more but my kids believed otherwise.  They cheered me up and they believe that it would not last long. They help me budget money but they made sure that we had fun and recreate together as a family.  I am lucky to have them as my children and perhaps they would also think that they are lucky to have me as a father.
John Dwight D'Angelo, 15
Helen Cleodara, 14

David D'Angelo Jr., 12
Today, while I am writing this I am once again thankful to God because I have work again and I could continue building that home for all of us, my kids and me.

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  • jajaline
    July 31, 2013 at 3:29 PM  

    You are so bless sir David, to have your kids, continue searching God in your life and He will never leave you.. nakakabless maman po ng family story nyo.

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