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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ordinary People, Ordinary Day is basically a blog which turns out to be a chronicle of people's ordinary experiences with life and how they go about it. It contains inspirations, frustrations, tips and more. Today my ordinary day was lightened by the fact that I have received my first referral payment and thanks to PayPerPost. The good thing about them is they are the most reliable provider of paid posts online and they are not that hard to please. This is not a paid post so don't worry about it and I always make sure that when I do a review I remain neutral and objective.

So far I earned more than US$100 through PayPerPost so I highly recommend this site for bloggers who wish to monetize and earn from their blogging. The only no-no on this is installing their PPP code into your blog. Why? Because you might be in for some trouble in Google.

Another recommended blog monetization tool would be Project Wonderful Ads. This ad network makes it easy for you to sell ads on your site at the cost that you want without the hassle of manually posting the ads. Project Wonderful automates everything for you and for a minimum earning of US$10 you can easily deposit it to your paypal account.

The third most recommended blog money making tool would be Sponsored Reviews. This blog ad network lets you pick the advertisers that you want to write a review for. In contrast to PayPerPost where you pick on the open opportunities from advertisers and do their review, Sponsored Reviews lets you bid on that particular review and the advertiser selects it. What is more interesting is it opens the channel for actual interaction on your bargain for the payment.

I am recommending the thre sites because based on my experience these are the networks which had delivered actual money to my PayPal. So I hope I did help you with them.

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