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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Who says Punks are dead? Punks are very much alive and in fact there is a whole entire genre of songs which caters to the punk audience. In the recently concluded Global Call of Action Against Climate Change in Baliwag, Bulacan punks are also one of the number one audience which watch the concert. The punk subculture is based around punk rock. It emerged from the larger rock music scene in the mid-to-late-1970s in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan. The punk movement has spread around the globe and developed into a number of different forms. Punk culture encompasses distinct styles of music, ideologies, fashion, visual art, dance, literature, and film. Punk also lays claim to a lifestyle and community. And now that you know about it... what if I say to you that you can meet punks from around the world via this Punk Chat Room. The good news is registration is FREE. is a community where a load of Punk users from everywhere in the world come together in their chat rooms and enjoy themseleves for free! Hop on your cam and let thousands of people talk and see you while you enjoy their webcam! Register for a 100% free membership today and enjoy seeing and communicating with all of the users on this website now!

Registering also enable you to learn more about punk lifestyle and meet other punks from around the planet. I am not so much a fan of punk culture but I am a person who always treasure the differences and uniqueness among people as long as they do not harm the society.

Very distinct among punks which you might be seeing as you chat online is their fashion. Punks seek to outrage propriety with the highly theatrical use of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, tattoos, jewelry and body modification. Early punk fashion adapted existing objects for aesthetic effect: ripped clothing is held together by safety pins or wrapped with tape; ordinary clothing is customized by embellishing it with marker or adorning it with paint; a black bin liner becomes a dress, shirt or skirt; safety pins and razor blades are used as jewelry. Leather, rubber, and vinyl clothing are also popular, possibly due in part to the fact that the general public associates it with transgressive sexual practices like bondage and S&M. Punks also sometimes wear tight "drainpipe" jeans, Plaid or Tartan pants,T-shirts with risqué images, rocker jackets (which are often decorated by painting on band logos, adorning the lapels and pocket flaps with pins and buttons, and covering sections of the jacket, especially the back and sleeves of the jacket, in large numbers of carefully placed studs or spikes), and footwear such as Converse sneakers, skate shoes, brothel creepers, or Dr. Martens boots.

Some punks style their hair to stand in spikes, cut it into Mohawks or other dramatic shapes, often coloring it with vibrant, unnatural hues. Punks tend to adorn their favorite jacket or vest with pin-back buttons and patches of bands they love and ideas they believe in, telling the world around them a little bit about who they are. They sometimes flaunt taboo symbols such as the Iron Cross. Some early punks occasionally wore clothes displaying a Nazi swastika for shock-value, but most modern punks are staunchly anti-racist and are more likely to wear a crossed-out swastika symbol. In contrast to punks who believe the fashion is a central part of the punk subculture, there are some punks who are decidedly "anti-fashion," arguing that music and/or ideology should define punk, not fashion. This is most common in the post-1980s US hardcore punk scene, where members of the subculture often dressed in t-shirts and jeans, rather than the more elaborate outfits and spiked, dyed hair of their late 1970s UK punk predecessors.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and get to know other punkers!

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