A Journey of Service (The WCYF 2009 Journey)  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am a man who likes to jump into things although I do not have the full knowledge and capacity to accomplish it. The reason behind this is that I believe that everything can be learned. It is also the same factor that Koreans used in order to recover from their devastated economy way back during the wars. When I saw the invitation of Frederick Lauenberg on the shoutbox at the YSDA website way back 2007, I was impressed at the potential of having an event which gathers the youth from around the world and thus with the recommendation of one of our members from Mindanao, BROOD became one of the organizations which supported the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF).

This is a journey to Reach for a Dream and put it into reality...

WCYF had been previously planned with a group of people from around the world and I am in fact just an observer when we joined. Attending meetings and contributing some to the discussion. WCYF had not been included in the organizational plans of BROOD because there was no specific direction yet.

Mid of 2007 majority of the people I have met initially on the Executive Committee of the event resigned because of misdirections and inconsistencies with the plan and perhaps some was irritated on how the initiator handled people and also requested for funds. I was left wondering on what to do and how can this potentially great project be saved.

It was then that I attended the first ever Execom meeting with TusTus Narag as the main connection between Frederick and the Philippine organizing committee to WCYF. Within the next few months TusTus disappeared and have not attended any meetings since then and it was also this time that majority of the members of the Execom selected me to become the Co-Chairperson for the World Creative Youth Forum.

It was a daunting journey specially when you have to deal with someone who was too aggressive and who seeks fund by menacing people and inducing them to committing because they need to. I was then tasked to create the full concept of the event for which I obliged. Upon completion of the full concept the initial date was set for September 2008. Because of lack of funding and preparation the event had to be postponed later on to December 2008 and then finally May 2009.

I was also given an honorarium based on the agreement by the Execom which I could have claimed since I took the duty August 2007 but I obliged not too until it requires me to do full time job. Since then Frederick had tasked and appointed himself to be the fund raiser for the event. Attending meetings after meetings and keeping things cohesive was very hard that is why in December of 2007 I resigned but eventually returned May 2008 because of the insistence of fellow team members. Some members of the team in fact resigned when in February 2008 the required funding fr logistics was not given by the initiator.

By then I realized that if WCYF is to become a reality it needs full time dedication. I helped in seeking funds and contacting possible funding agencies. On October 2008 it was by that time that UNESCO support was secured with the help of Frederick. We realized however that UNESCO funding was not enough because it will not cover around 80% of the expenses. I have to assemble a team in order to get the task done and realized the dream of WCYF 2009. I am glad that the organization finally included it in its plan finally.

The preparations were tedious. I have to be thrifty and even skip meals so that we can save money. I walked daily a length of around 1.5 kilometers from Shaw Blvd. to the office of WCYF in order to save transportation. WCYF had an office setup beginning March 2009 to fast track logistical and funding needs. Besides walking we have to endure the heat at the office and the small office space because that is the only thing we can afford. All we do that because we want to make a difference. I have lost a good 20 kilos in the full length of WCYF.

In WCYF we experienced mediocrity, greed and simple non consideration of those we have to talk to but also we experience the inspiring passion of those who we had inspire to join us in our dream for WCYF.

When the day of the event came in May 4 it was the start of the most difficult but happiest moment in my life for I know that the sacrifice I will make and that of my team will not be in vain. I have to go through the hard rain, have to pass sleep and even food in order to get tasks done. I have to talk to people even at the height of their anger and misconception about many things. I have to be calm at the height of anger and frustration.

Many things have not been put in place and there were problems... yes there were very hard and seems like insurmountable problems but with the help of the delegates and people on the team and those that truely believe in the dream becoming a reality the event became a success... learning were made and new experiences empower many.

Today, I live in the aftermath of a long journey which has not ended yet. This is the journey towards finding the answer and justice to the norm that doing good is still the right thing to do... and service is the greatest thing you could dedicate your existence in this world.

I am deeply honored to be part of the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009 and is greatly humbled by all of the people I have met and encountered during the forum. It was a revelation of true friendship and true passion of everyone. I have also learned a lot about true friends and sacrifice.

May this journey end in happiness and may those who had carried this journey also find the fruitfulness of WCYF 2009.

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