Music of the Master  

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A young man visited a church one Sunday and heard an organ offertory being played. After the service, he asked if he might play the organ.

"Oh, no—only our church organist plays that instrument," came the reply.

The young man persisted. Reluctantly, they agreed to let him play. He carefully set all the stops and then began playing the very piece that had been played during the offertory. Those who lingered after the service stopped to listen. When he finished, the onlookers applauded.

"What’s your name?" the church organist asked.

"Johann Sebastian Bach," he replied. "I wrote that music!"

"To think we nearly missed hearing the real music because I wouldn't let the master play this instrument," she sighed.

You are an instrument of God's love. Jesus Christ is the Master. Let him make lovely music in this world through you.

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