A Lonely Father's Day? False Alarm That Is...  

Sunday, June 14, 2009

As a father whenever Father's Day arrive of course you can't wait for your kids and your friends to greet you, "Happy Father's Day". Today it seems nobody ever bothered to greet me on this very important day except when I told them that it was Father's Day. It was sad when days that are important to you tend to be forgotten by those you loved the most. Do I have the right to feel lonely?

No, I don't have the right because today is not Father's Day but NEXT SUNDAY. I was all set on thinking that it is today but it is not.

Millions of father around the world are celebrating Father's Day with their kids. Well for me I do have three wonderful and lovable kids. John Dwight, my eldest is a very bright and talented kid. He is very handsome as well. From a young kid he is growing up to become a strong and well at times naughty kid. Helen Cleodara, my only daughter is getting prettier each day. She is kinda shy but is very sweet and understanding. My youngest kid, David Jr. is very tough yet very sensitive. It seems he really misses me a lot. He is also among the three the most caring about me. He is also very studios and god in art.

Today, even though friends and those I love kinda forgot this day I know that I am still happy because I had become a father and it is not Father's Day yet. Although, I know that I have shortcomings towards my children I am doing my best I can so that they will have a good future and so that their character will be nurtured and they can become good citizens of this country.

Here is a song I dedicate for myself... well who will? Hehehehehe... Here is Daddy's Hands by by Holly Dunn

So I hope everyone will have a great Father's Day next week, June 21.

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