Understanding Religion: Discover Judaism Through Jewish Books  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

There are many groups now concentrating on Inter-faith dialogue and peace issues. These people tries to see the similarities of religion and celebrate on them while understanding the differences and respecting them. One religion that is perhaps with a huge number in the world is Judaism. Judaism is concentrated in Israel and surrounding areas and is the root of Christianity. There is a main difference between these two... in Christianity, the savior had already come while within Judaism he is yet to come. But that is only one aspect of the difference and there could be more. Why do we need to understand these and how? We need to have a deeper understanding of other religion because through this we can appreciate and respect it more. One way to understand Judaism is through Jewish books.

Where can you find such books? Well you can try to find one in your local bookstore or you can even try online. If you will search online one suggestion is through Eichlers: The World's Judaica Store. This site contains all sort of Jewish Books from those who just want to know basic knowledge to those who really want to go adept. But the site is not just about books for there are also a lot of Jewish items and religious accessories and ceremonial items to choose from and buy.

One book highly recommended is, "Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism" which is in paperback. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Judaism", is written in a warm, conversational style by Rabbi Benjamin Blech. It is a fun and easy-to-understand primer to every aspect of this ancient faith. In this "Complete Idiots Guide", Rabbi Blech gives you: Clear explanations of what the Jewish people believe. Authoritative summaries of all the holidays and how they're celebrated. Simple instruction on the Jewish blessings and the rules of being kosher.

Understanding religion is key towards developing tolerance and appreciation. The more we know about the religion of our brethren the greater the respect we will have of him. For me, being holy or God-fearing is not confined to finding the true or right religion but it is in the belief that God exist and that we do good to our fellowmen.

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