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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ordinary people can indeed do extraordinary things. In line with the World Environment Day (June 5) the Y4U: Youth for Unity interfaith youth group of the Peacemakers' Circle Foundation, Inc. turned its focus on the growing environmental problems, climate change, food shortages, and increasing poverty in the World. A visit was organized to the Shumei (a Japanese spiritual movement) center to learn about their practice of natural agriculture. However, the visit to the center at Valencia Hills Condominium, Quezon City did not materialize until June 25 (Saturday).

At the Shumei Center, the Y4U members --Sharon (Hindu), Orlan (multifaith- indigenous) , Alan (Muslim), Sarah (multifaith) , Kat (Baptist Christian), Jeanette (Buddhist), Jeje (Baptist from Myanmar), Tsering (Buddhist from Bhutan), and others-- learned that Natural Agriculture offers an alternative to conventional farming, and that is not only safe for consumers for but for the environment as well. Through this, crops grow in harmony with the 3 elements of nature: sun, soil, and water and are devoid of any chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. This practice aims to protect the purity of both soil and water, and to secure the integrity of the ecosystem for generations to come. With Natural Agriculture, the natural capacity of nature is respected and this leads to a renewed relationship with the natural world. The practice yields productive and beneficial results for nourishing the human body, mind and spirit.

At its core, Natural Agriculture is more than just a food and farming movement as it is a way of living, that rebuilds our relationship to nature, using a foundation of cooperation and gratitude. This philosophy-based approach, has the greater aim of creating an ideal world â a heaven on earth. This concept energized the members of Y4U and they look forward to promoting it in any little way that we can.

Kenta Kikuchi, a member of Y4U, invited Y4U to the Center. Seiichi (Carlo) Kamichika, Tomomi (Cathy) and Norio Shima from the Center, took time to welcome and explain natural agriculture to us. After trying out a little bit of their prayer-chanting, we enjoyed a simple yet sumptuous-- and of course, natural and healthy--Japanese meal lovingly prepared by our Shumei brothers and sisters.

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For next month, Y4U is planning a visit to the Manila Sikh Temple. visit for more details or updates on regular interfaith youth gatherings.

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