Will You See Positive Amidst All the Problems?  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can a person see the positive side of something despite all the problems, hatred and biases? This was my question more than 10 years or so ago. I was hateful, temperamental and vengeful whenever somebody hurt me but in a process of continuous learning I learned things should not be that way. When you have a person, I realize that it is me who gets affected the most. Therefore, with this type of behavior it is me who eventually losses. A learning which I have learned and continue to practice although it had been very difficult for how can you respond positively to someone who responds negatively to you and who seeks to diminish you?

"If I diminish you, I diminish myself." Those were the words of Desmond Tutu. A great religious leader who have suffered so many trials in his life but who continue to believe in the goodness and humanity of others. But how do you see a positive thing amidst all the problems.

The idea is simple although for most it will be very difficult. Whenever there is a problem try not to panic... think slowly and think what is first the cause of the problem... and then think what is the good in this problem? Ask yourself, is it your fault and if not then it will probably be solved easily though it will be hard to begin with. Do not focus so much in solving a problem which you cannot readily solve... solve it step by step with your minds focused but not overly focused on the problem itself but on the learning that you will get from it.

This world is full of positive things and it is futile to waste your heart and mind focusing on the negativities of like... after all life is too short to be sad.

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