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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Employees are annoyed that their employers track their activities specially on the internet but the thing is these employers only want to assure of the company's productivity. How can someone be hiring people who will just check emails, do Facebook and delve in social networking the whole day and not do their jobs? So if you are an employer yourself you know the importance of Activity tracking.

For business owners a tracking system will great improve the performance of employees since they will think twice to use the internet for their own purposes at the same time this will save energy.

However, there are some people who view this as intruding in their privacy and might hate the employer for doing this. For me however when you are at work there is only one thing you should do and that is to work and nothing more. On break times it would be possible to allow workers to surf the net as an added incentive but not during working hours.

So if you want good software like this I have just stumbled upon called Activtrak. Its developer says that it helps to improve business performance by tracking activity of employees. This fact makes it a most friendly employee monitoring software on a market.

So if you want to really boost performance why not check it out and give it a try.

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