Christmas Time Once More: The Art of Gift Giving  

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas time again and everyone is in a hurry trying to buy Christmas gifts for their love ones. Here in the Philippines the most common place to do that is in places like Divisoria or Quipo or in most cases wherever there is a Holiday Bazaar or Baratillo.

In other countries people look for creative and elegant gifts. They look for beds for sale or even animals or toys. Here people get creative with the most affordable gift available.

With the recession still on going people need to be creative in giving gifts that is to get the most gifts at the most cost effective method. For example my son has only four hundred pesos and mind you he manage to bu gifts for his five siblings and he has P100 left.

That was the miracle of baratillos and sales which is not only present in the Philippines but also in various places around the world. Buying in these places does not mean that you will get bad qualify gifts for most people does not know is that it is all in the mind. There are in fact better gifts in baratillos, sales shops and bazaars.

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