A Presidential Campaign Worth My Life  

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It was the first time that I was ever involved in a presidential campaign. Although I had been involved in local campaigns and had even been a candidate this one was very different and mind you taxing. Though I can say it is worth every second, every penny and every thought and idea shared.

The presidential campaign of Nicanor "Nick" Perlas, the alternative and genuine green and new politics candidate is a campaign in which I am proud to be part of. I would even trade my Motor Trade Insurance, if I have one just to help his campaign.

Like an insurance it keeps you safe and able to recover from the losses that you would incur if there is an accident. Like an insurance this campaign for new politics and new Philippines ensures us that there is hope and future.

It is good to get an insurance specially on your vehicle because the road naturally gets rough. In our country that insurance is also needed specially because we keep on electing the same people over and over again and nothing is in fact changing.

I am involved with the internet and media campaign of Nicanor Perlas. I also join him in various events and likewise represent him whenever there is an opportunity. The good thing about this campaign is that the presidential candidate has no baggage and the biggest problem only is how to let people know about him.

In essence again this presidential campaign is just the same as an insurance, an insurance for a better future. In the changing world and in tough times you always need an insurance so that you will not get caught off hand.

This is a campaign worth my life and I am glad that I have made that stand and decision.

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