Obesity and Health  

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I remember way back last year when I am really obese and my tummy was showing. It took me four months in a gym just to shed some weight and about 2 months f stress to really get thin. Mind you I don't even need a Liposuction just to look tough and fab.

I also learned that obesity had been a growing problem worldwide. As people gets more used to eating outside and dining through fastfood they get fat and turns out to be really blown out in just months.

I have nothing against fat people nor against fastfoods but obesity is very dangerous to ones health. Obesity can learn to heartsickness and cardiac arrest. Obesity can be cured and fat can be curved through various means and one of that is what I did.

Healthy living is something that all of us should aspire. We do not just eat and eat but we also think about what are we eating and whether they are healthy or not. There are those who really do not eat any animal in their food saying that being a veggan or vegetarian has its differences as well.

Obesity means bad health or malnutrition. Does both the rich and the poor can also suffer from bad health and malnutrition. Poor people eat less does they are thin while rich people eat a lot that is why they are obese.

So if I were you I will start exercising everyday.

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