The Dream of My Own House to Call Home  

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Before we had a house to call our own. That was before the tragedy in my life happened or rather the not so smooth part of my life occurred. My grandmother died and I inherited about 15 hectares of coconut land and a house which before was the first ever hotel in our town but now having my own modern leather sofa was just a dream.

Everything got sold after me and my wife broke up because of irreconcilable differences. First and foremost among that is he cannot accept my past that I had been a bisexual... so what's wrong with that anyway?

She had been so engulfed with the computer that she spends most of her time chatting and playing. We developed a level of enmity for each other. She does not like how I run my life and how I am so contented with having a simple life added with a flavor of helping and serving people in my community.

Perhaps the dream might still be a reality. I am someone who really likes to own a house so that I can be in charge of what to put in it and how to style the interior of the house. I like a house with both modern and Filipino cultural style intertwined. Having Filipino style chairs, tables and some bit of modern sofa integrated will be great.

A house which is situated in a not so crowded and polluted area and is attach to land. I do not like condo units because technically it has a diminishing value against a real state property where the value and ownership is "for real".

Life really changes circumstances of things but in the end it is how you live that would matter and not what you own.

Great blessings to all!

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