My Christmas Day 2009  

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It was not the usual Christmas Day that I always wanted. Last Christmas my kids, Mei and I were together here in Baliwag, went to SM City and then buy them gifts after watching a movie. This time they were not here and I have no money to really buy something for them.

I started my day by using a Rapidshare Search for some videos and song that I would listen to in order to inspire me during the day and luckily I found several and my mood had been good. Anyway, I did receive a wonderful 2010 planner from Mei as a gift... thanks!

Messages from my friends started coming in since the day before via Facebook, Friendster, e-mail and even by text message. I continue to go online and greet people as well. Played some Facebook Games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, Barn Buddy and Farm Town and then went off to the shop to have a Christmas date with Mei.

I only have 2 Gift Checks left courtesy of SM City Baliwag and just about 600 Hundred Pesos in my pocket. We went to SM City Baliwag and as we expected there were lots of people enjoying Christmas there. We were still not hungry because of the great food that Mei's Mom cooked so we went to the cinemas.

We are about to watch "Ang Darling Kong Aswang" which stars Vic Sotto but the line of people were long so we decided to finally watch the movie of Dolphy, "Nobody, Nobody But Juan." It was a great movie with a great lesson except for the fact that we noticed the movie over promoted the show WoWoWee.

There were lots of good movies upcoming which we saw during the trailer before the movie and well Mei said that we have to watch it and I agree with that. After the movie we take a walk inside the mall including SM Hypermarket and SM Department Store.

As a gift for Christmas I gave Mei a new Unisilver earrings. It was not that expensive but it was worth the gift and she was happy about it. We also buy Zagu though we did not enjoyed it because there was no jelly in it and it tasted bland, we enjoyed King Corn better than it.

After spending the whole afternoon at SM City Baliwag we went home at around 7:00P.M. and enjoyed eating Graham Crakers filled with toppings. Mei bought gifts for her nieces.

I also called John Dwight, my eldest son who is spending Christmas in Valenzuela City. I greeted him Merry Christmas and was glad to know that he was okey. I also tried to call my two other kids, Helen Cleodara and David Jr. but I was not able to contact them.

It was sad that the original plan of their mother to come to Valenzuela and spend the Christmas there together with John Dwight did not push through. I was also sad because it would have been a good chance to see them and be with them this season.

It was an unperfect Christmas but still I am happy for I know that there are people that love me. I might not be with all the person that I love so much during Christmas but nevertheless they will always be in my heart.

Thanks for the inspiration from the songs I downloaded via Rapidshare Search!

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