Trials and Resolve: My 2009 Experience  

Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Trials and Resolve" that is perhaps how I would summary my life in 2009. It was a year when I thought everything would crumble before my very eyes... when all my hopes and aspirations will just be lost because of the "reality" in the Philippines.

The year started with a passionate hope to make a difference for the planet and the environment through the World Creative Youth Forum (WCYF) 2009. It is a hope that we could place the Philippines in the forefront of Sustainable Development by making the youth active in this issues. The event, the outputs and most of it had been a success but in the process I was battered and torn to pieces.

The expected funds never arrived. The pledges never came and I was left to answer for everything... the caterer, the phone bill, the UNESCO delegates and more. I am the Chairperson of the organizing committee and yes I have the responsibility but decisions are based on a larger group specially a marketing team which assures me that there will be funding.

The fund from PAGCOR which was hope to be about half a million turned out to be just a meager P10,000 and we had still to deal with the people inside PAGCOR who wants to help in exchange of a commission.

We have to deal with media and mind you they would not cover if you don't have the so called "GCs" unless it is very newsworthy and controversial. Well, an issue about the environment is never controversial unless you have the money, the very large crowd and well the upstaging event. But here we want to really make a difference, make a plan and act on it.
UNESCO was very helpful in understanding the situation though it's also tough for me. My own friends who said they would help eventually blamed me for what had happened... to be honest with those who blames me I advice for them to take a look at themselves and assess their own performance, have they contributed? If not then it is best that they just keep silent.

I am glad that I still have good friends and also good organizations that helped the event. Fr. Terry and Dr. Nina and the World Spirit Youth Council was very helpful and if not for them we will not have a place to stay for the delegates.

Nicanor Perlas was also a great help, his advise as well as his humble actions of driving for us and helping with arranging the rooms was one of the most humbling gestures and acts I have ever seen for such a person with high profile.

Sir Osbi of World Without Wars and Without Violence, Commission on Human Rights (CHR), Generation Peace Network, Sarah and his friends, WOW Philippines Foundation, World Youth Alliance, Celine of OPAPP, Bea and Roy of YSDA and others who had kept me confident and had been a great part of the program.

I would also never forget Craig Burrows for his advise and kind deeds which had helped me see a better picture of things. Thank you very much!

To all the Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD) Volunteers as well as the Young Leaders Alliance of Rizal (YLAR) and the United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines (UNYAP), my sincerest thanks specially to MJ San Juan, Librando, Harem, Yzel, Randolph, Lucky, Jerome, Gerald and others. To my son, John Dwight who had also helped and keep me confident, I owe him my sanity during those times.

To Shiela and Andy of the Marketing Team though I have higher expectations and have certain frustrations, I will always remember the good times and the help that you had contributed for that is more important. To Sir Jeph Ramos and his team of Teatro Sambisig thanks a lot.

WCYF had been the biggest event for me this year and the biggest trial as well. Up to now I am paying for its debts and life is not that easy specially for my family and kids... but I know that things will be alright as long as I remain positive and have faith in God.

This year, I have also decided to embrace and join the campaign for new politics and a better Philippines through Partido ng Marangal na Sambayanan (PANGMASA) and Nicanor Perlas. Perlas, never fails to keep me inspired for despite the hardship of this campaign and for everything that happens he always smiles and even laughs at joke. He was never a person whom you can say as plastic.

Money was an issue this year, I had such a difficulty and this was even one of the trials and hindrance in helping Nick's campaign but I know whatever resources I have I would contribute because I want a better Philippines for my kids and the next generation. It was a rekindling of my activism and passion for our country.

This is also a year for trials with BROOD and how to make it active once again. Luckily we have members who in their heart already learned the true meaning of being a Ryodan... collectively helping one another and making a difference in onself, their family and the society. I hope that our Election 2010 Database Project and the Summer Camp next year will really be successful.

Also, in 2009 I have greatly used Facebook and Twitter and well my blogs started to really bloom as well. I have improved my writing skills. Way back July I also received my first Google Adsense check and now though still small I can say that I am progressing in earning from blogging and hope it can be more.

I have met new friends for 2009 and have rediscover old ones. My best friend, Ryan Bartolome got married and I am happy for him. My son, John Dwight is graduating next year and hope everything goes well and I have money to send him to high school.

I miss my kids this year, Helen Cleodara and David Jr for I have not seen them sine June of 2009. I hope that I would be with them again soon.

I had also been lucky this year because I won a new mobile phone courtesy of SM City Marilao and also as a blogger I received a total of P900 worth of SM Gift Checks plus I got featured in Punla, a provincial weekly broadsheet in Bulacan.


Remember that with great resolve and optimism all trials will be won!


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