Romance Happens at the Bedroom  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The bedroom is a place for a quite time for oneself or for someone you love. It is a place of romance and solitude. It is a place to contemplate and see yourself from within.

Necessarily what is in your bedroom emulates the effect and the ambiance for what happens daily on this place of your house. The furniture of course is very important. Say for example a bamboo bedroom furniture emulates natural beauty and passion for nature.

This type of furniture makes us connect with the natural surroundings. It makes us feel that we are one with nature. For some it is the harmony of us being human and being part of nature.

The bedroom is almost all the time a place were we get naked and share our nakedness and wholeness with others. This is where we become complete and totally honest with ourselves and also with someone we are so intimate with.

Romance do happen in the bedroom and for that perfect love and romance to happen it should really be a place ready for love and interconnectedness.

Some would say that when indeed we decide to share our bedroom with someone love and romance is not the case but merely earthly passion and it might also be true. However, personally, I do not believe that someone would really go the length of sharing his own solitude with someone that he/she is totally not attracted to.

There is a certain rule to intimacy… and for me that is romance does not happen just because of lust or passion. Intimacy happens because deep within we feel that we are connected with that other person.

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