A Struggle to Be Strong... Sometimes the Strongest is the Weakest  

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In life we commonly admire people who seem to be always strong. We make them as our inspiration and our pivot. Little do we know however that practically speaking most of them are actually under a great struggle and may also be the weakest.

However these weaknesses makes them strong and in the continuous battle with themselves and with forces outside of them they became the insurmountable being that they are.

Being strong is an endless struggle. Someone who walks in the path least traveled will most of the time be ridiculed and laugh at. In the end however, it is he who had walked that path who will have the greatest accomplishment.

Last night, when I encounter a struggle within our own home there is one song that kept repeating on my mind reminding me that whatever happens we can depend on him.

If our burden is to heavy he will always be there to help us carry it and guide us along the way.

"Cast your burdens upon me, those who are heavily loaded... and I will give you rest."

Lift Up Your Hands - Basil Valdez

There is somebody way beyond us that we can depend for help. This being is unseen but guides us in whatever we do. The manifestation in fact is the endless creativity we have.

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