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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Being able to speak and write English is surely one of the best ammunition you would have in applying for work, be it local or international work. Lots of jobs requires a person to write and speak fluently in English.

I for one when applying for home-based jobs and searching for them sees the usual requirement, "able to speak and write in English fluently." Note however that there are two-types of English, the US English and UK English. For example an English course London would definitely teach you more of the UK based English language also known as British English.

There might be differences in these two languages but what is important is that we enhance our capability to speak English as the Universal language. Since communication is very important into todays globalized world the need to really excel in the english language is a must.

However, this need does not mean that we will forget nor neglect our local and native languages. Before we try to learn English we should nurture our own language and dialect. In fact studies found out that learning English through the native dialect is more effective than trying to learn English through the language itself.

Through the local language or dialect we are able to associate words in the English language to our own experience and culture thus we are able to adapt to it easily. At the same time there is no cultural barrier to learning as we are learning it from our own perspective.

There are various jobs which really requires well equipped English speakers and writers. There jobs includes call center work, writers, journalists, Business process outsourcing (BPO), multinational and transnational corporations, banks and more.

We are not saying however that if you are excellent in written and oral English that you will easily be hired for a job. Remember that beside these skills you also need to possess capabilities and experience for the work that you are applying for.

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