Sentimental Mornings Again with Glee Songs  

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just finished doing the laundry at home and well I am about to sleep. Before I do that would love to listen to some of this songs and also share them to you. These songs really means a lot to me. However this time I am going to get my four favorite songs from the hit TV series Glee.

True Colors. The message of this songs reflects seeing somebody for who he really is and accepting all of a persons weaknesses and strengths. However this does not mean that you will just condone what is not good.

Imagine. I am always touched by this song. The song makes perfect sense. What if there is no religion, no country and nothing to live or die for, will the earth and the world be peaceful? All the people living for today and making the best out of it. Here is the version from Glee with a little touch of more than just the original.

I'll Stand By You. As a friend this is who I am. If you are worthy of standing by till the end I will be there whatever happens and whatever it takes. I will protect you and see to it that you are protected.

Leaving on a Jetplane. Sometimes we just have to leave and pack our bags and continue believing in our dreams but search for a new way to fulfill it.

That's all folks with great music from Glee... Good morning! Going to sleep now.

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