Sign Of A Victory: An Inspiring World Cup 2010 Song  

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The song "Sign of a Victory" performed by R. Kelly during the opening of World Cup 2010 was something than just the World Cup, it is a song of life. "If we believe, we can achieve anything." Quite simple and indeed very true.

The song was performed by R. Kelly and the Soweto Spiritual Singers during the June 11 opening of the World Cup 2010 at the Johannesburg Soccer City Stadium. All of the proceeds from the sale of this song benefit African charities including the official campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup "20 Centers for 2010."

"20 Centers for 2010" aims to establish 20 centers which will ensure a better education for Africa's children and the next generation. Africa is embattled with various problems including hunger, genocide, war, poverty and corruption among others. It definitely needs victory against these problems.

In life we are battling our daily existence. From petty problems to big problems we are constantly making decisions that will affect today and the future. For most of us those decisions does not only affect us but affect other people connected to us. In these struggles we need to always see the light at the end of the tunnel and that is a "Sign of a victory."

Here is R. Kelly with the song "Sign of A Victory."

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