I Love My Dog Baki; We also have cats who eat dog food :)  

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It was sad to have lost all of our dogs one after the other (although not very enar one another). We used to have three dogs; Bembol, Chavo and Sugar. Chavo and Sugar died because of pregnancy related causes. Both of them had miscarriages. Bembol meanwhile died of heat stroke.

Gladly when I posted via Twitter and Facebook that I want a new dog several people responded. Thanks to Ickx Tan because he answered my search for a new dog.... thus we have Baki.

I am a little bit strict on my dog. I wanted him to obey and learn to behave that is because he is inside the house and is part of the family. Baki is a very charming dog, he is naughty, "makulit" but he is nice.

Baki plays with the three cats in the house (1 mother and 2 kittens). In fact you will laugh because you will see him at times licking the body of the cats as if cleaning them.

When I have the budget, Baki eats dog food. But whenever I do that the consumption is not only for Baki because the cats eat with him. I had been totally amused with this scene that I took photo of them.

The first dog food I bought had disappeared suddenly only to find out that the few remaining (about 10grams) was eaten by the cats in their hidden hideout.

Thanks again Ickz and well this post is for our dog, BAKI!

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