Living, Loving and Learning: A Lesson from Leo Buscaglia  

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The sane I have today and the strength that I managed to muster in all the challenges I faced in my life was a product of what I learned and integrated in my life. Most of that principles and beliefs came from reading a book written by Leo Buscaglia, "Living, Loving and Learning."

Leo Buscaglia surrendered his riches and decided to travel around the world to find out lessons about love and life and learn from them. These lessons are shared in his book. He teaches out about unconditional love and the real concept of love.

Love is something that we give out and never ask to be loved in return. Love is something that is unconditional. Those were the thoughts of Leo Buscaglia. He also narrate the reason not to be mad at someone and not to hurt them with words whenever we can. He says physical abuse can heal but emotional and verbal abuse may surpass death and even generations before it can heal.

Thanks to Leo Buscaglia for these thoughts and also thanks to one person, a teacher who I met in high school that gave me this book, Mr. Mar Dominic Correa. Thanks sir!

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