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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I have to be honest that for about a week now I develop some form of itching and rushes after several times that I give Baki a bath. I thought at first that it was just ordinary itching and then I research online and found out that it could probably be caused by "dog/cat hookworm."

Since these types of hookworm does not reside on the human intestine they usually reside near the skin and irritates your skin. The best way to cure you is to cure both your hookworm and that of your pet.

Hookworm are ordinary for pets in tropical countries like the Philippines specially if your pet is not enjoying the comfort of an air-conditioner at home.

So how do you prevent and cure hookworm? Well the best methods can be found in this WEBSITE.

Here is one of their very useful advise:

Appropriate disposal of dog and cat feces is the first order of business. If you have sandboxes outside for your children to play in, you should consider a sandbox cover to avoid animals from defecating in the sandboxes and infecting other animals (and possibly children) with hookworm. Close attention to where a dog or cat is roaming in a public park is also a good idea. You should know about the risk of hookworm infection if you are bringing a dog or cat to a public park, where other pets and animals have defecated. And finally, making sure you keep the rodent population (especially mice) on your property down to a minimum is most certainly advisable. Rodents, which cats and dogs both enjoy catching and sometimes eating, are often infected with hookworm because of their proximity to the soil and their tendency to root around in hookworm infested dirt.

For those who want to deworm their pets THIS SITE provides a guide to proper deworming of pets,

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