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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It is always an advise to write good and original articles but sometimes you need articles for your website in order to add content to it. It is not advisable to copy paste articles just from any website, so today I would recommend one site that offers free articles for your website and blog, Article Alley.

Article Alley provides articles from a wide range of topics including baby & child, business, career, computer hardware and software, dating, E-Marketing, food and drinks, health and fitness, internet, money, music and more.

I find the articles in this site very relevant but still I advise to paraphrase the article if possible and quote it, then credit the original author. Add a flavor of your own including your own opinion and say about the topic. That way, it will have a touch of originality and your content will be fresh always.

I know that there are lots of other websites that provides free articles but for me this one is good enough and can serve the purpose of your blog. I do not recommend to use 100% copies articles in your blog since it defeats the purpose of having a blog unless you created a blog aggregator.

So that's it for now and happy blogging! Enjoy your day always!

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