The Little Running Teacher and The Proposal  

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Proposal is a movie which stars Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It is an unconventional love story at the most. So why am I making the post about a movie here? What does it have to do with inspirations? Well, The Proposal in some way correlate to what Cheryl Golangco of Little Running Teacher envisions. Cheryl is an Early Childhood Education graduate from De La Salle University and with that she puts a new perspective in teaching pre-school children.

It is indeed true that parents commonly neglect pre-schooling as unnecessary when in truth it is in these years that children are ripe for learning and formation. It is during these fragile years that their foundations in life are formed... foundations that will guide them through the rest of their life.

It is inspiring that with such vision as a pre-school teacher, Cheryl also has the passion to run and her endeavors and adventure can all be read at Little Running Teacher be it at or even on Facebook.

I am not only writing this because I want to Win a Relaxing Massage and Movie Tickets for 2 at Blue Water Day Spa but because I was really inspired by what Cheryl does for these children. Her vision and focus should also inspire others to put great effort in making sure that pre-school education is great.

As a blogger, I would like to share this and if by chance I get the free tickets and massage then it would be a complimentary relaxation to what I do as well. The contest by the way is a joint effort of,, and the Little Running Teacher fanpage.

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