A Father's Ordeal (Understanding Your Parents 1)  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thirteen years ago I became a father to a young baby boy.  It was a day full of joy and anticipation and also full of fear because I never really know how to be a father.  Three years after that I became a father to a total of three brilliant and beautiful children, only to be separated to them two years after.  It was the saddest moment of my life and also the moment where I almost lose hope.

Forward into the present, just a week ago, I was reunited with my three kids.  With only a few money on hand I decided to get them.  I borrowed money from the office, got an apartment, bought important things in the house and then live with them.  All of them will go to high school thus they need uniforms and school things.  Always thinking how I can survive, I just continue and buy the things they need.

Occassionally, I get help from friends including finding the apartment, enrolling the kids and even getting food on the table.  If not for htese people, I would not have started the impossible.

I go to office from 8:30am to 5:30pm.  I wake up daily starting this school week at around 4:30am because I have to prepare the kids to school.  I usually cook the breakfast and guide them during the mornings.  I walk with them to school, sometimes I go straight to the office and at other times I went back to the apartment to do the laundry and also wash the dishes.

With a few money to work with, I go to work and eat lunch.  My budget for lunch should not exceed 50 pesos because I know I also have to budget for the kids school and supplies that they would need.  Usually, when I went home from work they would need a bunch of things and I would usually go to National Bookstore to buy the things.

I am still lucky because I have children who understands me and the situation.  My eldest, John Dwight usually cooks the food when I am not around.  My girl, Helen Cleodara will do the dishes and also clean the house and my youngest, David Jr., which is the most studious one will usually be contented with the things he have at the moment.

I know that it would be a tough time ahead but I am beginning to understand how it is to be a father and why our parents needs to be respected always.  Sometimes when I went back from work, I would tend to shout unconsciously because of fatigue and exhaustion and they would remind me of that.  Then, I realized perhaps our parents also feel that way and does these things unconsciously.

I am happy to be a father and I am simply contented that I am with them... I just hope that I can survive the first months of adjustment.

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