Self sacrifice for your children (Understanding Your Parents 2)  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What would you do for your children and the people you love?  How far will you go?  These past two weeks I began to deeply understand the meaning of self sacrifice.  Day to day I have to ask myself how will I love tomorrow or the next day?  How will my kids be okay?  Before, I used to let other people do that for me and never really had the courage to face these problems because I believe that I did not cause it in the first place.

As I east a bunch of bread for lunch in the office, I realized that nothing is really too hard if you are doing it for the people you love.  Nothing is too hard if you are trying to protect them and build a future where everything will at least be okay.  It is difficult and I have to endure certain things but with a strong will and inspiration I can survive.

For the first time in my life I have to deal with daily expenses, food and every single expenditure.  Before, my ex-wife or the girl in my life would do that and I do not have to deal with it.  Now, I am doing it and damn it was so difficult.  The thing is, solution comes in hand at the times you needed them the most and I am glad that there are people helping out.

People tells me that I am slimmer now.  Well, I guess I am.  With a lot to think about and a few time to rest, it is another form of sacrifice.  These are the first few months of my adjustment and I know that things will be okay soon.

I will do anything for my kids and for the people I love.  I am building a home.

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