A Single Dad's Dilemma (Understanding Your Parents 4)  

Monday, July 1, 2013

So I get to write when I am in the mood and when I am feeling better.  I guess we can just start looking at the other side of what we are thinking and feel better.  I believe that there are lots of single dad's out there like me and their ordeal as a single parent is I believe harder specially since they have more issues to confront and generally some men are also very emotional and temperamental.  This is also perhaps the main reason why they always seek someone to love, in order to have that sense o completeness in them and their family.

I became a single dad right after I manage to be reunited with my children after 9 years of missing them and sacrifice of not seeing them.  I would admit I am not the industrious type of person always for I get lazy and well I get bored easily.  It took me 9 years to get them because I have no capacity to put them under 1 roof and besides someone would also not allow that.

I do not know what to do.  It is hard to be a parent when yourself had no parents to begin with.  So while being a single parent I also look to that love of a woman for which my kids and I can be accepted fully and it was not easy.  I did find someone who loves me so much but it seems there are still something lacking, something which is very important to me.  In search of that love we cling to one love after the other and oftentimes it ends up in frustration.  When a single dad encounters that, all the memories of what happened in the past would come rushing in once more and create a depression.  That depression can last for days, weeks or even months and will surely affect the whole family.

I remember loving a girl not once, not twice but several times that is and putting my pull heart into it.  Then, we do what we can of course.  We understand, we care among others and then the weird thing is when you commit a mistake which oftentimes you don't know everything falls apart.  That person you love will leave you, would not like to talk to you anymore, would not like to see you, would fear you and lot's of other things.

Sometimes, the odd thing is that single dad's fall for younger girls.  Perhaps, they are stocked in the age where they met their wife or the one they love or because oftentimes they are more reassuring, loving and caring at the start and then eventually when problems starts to come, in terms of handling them, they would falter and surrender the fight for love altogether

The most common dilemma for a single dad is trying to rebuild a family.  To find someone that he would love again.  She is searching for someone that would not be part of the same mistakes of the past and commonly he would find that however, later on it would not be what he thought it was.

The sad part about all of this is when someone like them gets hurt in love, it is not only them who are affected but also the whole family.  Their kids feels the problem and they become part of the whole cycle of depression.

A word of advice for those who would be loving a single dad, please be serious about your relationship and love them fully as a person.  Please accept them wholly including their kids and their characteristics.

And then for single dad's like me, my advice would be... be strong and remember that your kids and your family are at the top of your priority.  It is hard to find someone who would accept us fully but am sure somewhere and at some point in time they would eventually come.

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