Ordinary House Problems: Fire Ants  

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wikipedia in its latest updated content indicated that there has been a large spike in the fire ant population of the southern United States. This recent spike in fire ants population had been attributed to many factor and one of them is environmental. It was predicted by an environmentalist group that before April 2010 there will be an increase in their population in the United States. Fire ants could be a hard or easy problem and it totally depends on how you react to it. But how can this problem be dealt with? What is the so called natural fire ant killer?

According to the same source, Fire ants are a variety of stinging ants with over 280 species worldwide. They have several common names including Ginger Ants and Tropical Fire Ants (English), aka-kami-ari (Japanese), Solenopsis (French), and Feuerameise (German).

It's most dangerous effect is thru the venom its sting carries. The venom of a fire ant sting causes stinging and swells into a bump. This can cause much pain and irritation at times, especially when stung repeatedly by several at once. I am so lucky that in the Philippines fire ants are not prevalent because if it is then it will surely be a headache and an additional irritant to the very persistent and existing red ant population.

In controlling things like this, the knowledge of someone who has experience and who has the tools is very necessary specially if it is the first time that you will handle it. Dealing with things like this through intuition and trial and error may in the end cause more damage than good.

The website Control Fire Ants, list down various ways to threat insect bites from fire ants, the only worry is that this might not be effective with the new bread of fire ants coming. Thus, I recommend everyone to always check and be updated on the developments happening.

Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

So here again is another conclusion of our Ordinary House Problems series.

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