Remembering the nation's most neglected Opthalmologist  

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I would like to share to my blog readers this Facebook Note made by a friend of mine, Cornel Bongco regarding one of the greatest Filipino that ever lived, Dr. Jose P. Rizal...

If I ask you who is the most famous Filipino doctor of all time, who would you mention?

I tried asking kids this question and I rarely got the answer I wanted. They would mention a famous contemporary science teacher or someone that has made some antibiotic medicine. Although both are famous, I do not think they should be the most famous Filipino doctor of all time.

As far as I go, I can only think of one, Dr. Jose Rizal, whose death anniversary we are celebrating as a nation today, December 30.

Jose Rizal is a brave eye doctor, performing an operation on his own mother.

His mother had a clearer vision because Jose Rizal was an excellent doctor.

But Rizal was more than an eye doctor.

He was also responsible for making the nation see things in a different light. His very famous novels Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo opened the eyes of the Filipinos for a clearer vision of the abuses perpetuated against the Filipinos by tyrannical powers during his time.

His skilled hands improved the vision of his mother.

His excellent writing skills opened the eyes of the nation.

We need someone like him now more than ever. With all the clutter that impairs the nation to act decisively on the things that matter most, going back to his writings may make perspectives much clearer.

Sadly it is also true that Jose Rizal is one of the most neglected heroes.

All Filipinos should take a fresh look at Jose Rizal. Any Filipino who does gives a gift to their own self. For rediscovering Rizal is rediscovering a part of our selves that should make us proud to be Filipinos!

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