Eyes are your Soul Window to the World and Within Yourself  

Sunday, March 21, 2010

They say that the eyes are the window of a person's soul. For me the eyes are also the soul window of the person to the world. Through a person's eyes he/she might see either the beauty of this world or the cruelty of this world.

How a person perceived the world is actually depending on the lens the person is seeing the world. That is why literally and figuratively a person must maintain a good eyesight and eyeglasses to this world.

Our eyes are very powerful. Every blink of it, every look, every turn connotes lots of meaning. People see deep within us through our eyes.

It is even said that if we want to see the true intent of a person we just look at that person in the eye. The eyes most of the time never lies for it is a bastion of feelings deep within us.

We can never hide our true intentions if we open our eyes and at the same time we can also see the real beauty of this world.

If we have our eyes wide open we can see that every person no matter how bad has a positive side to the person. A killer still has a gentle side, a corrupt person still has a gentle side. That is why it is important to see that side and then focus that person towards that good side... if we are lucky change will indeed happen.

I do hope that our eyes see the greatness of this world for it is indeed the real power of living in this wonderful world.

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