Making Thoughtful Decisions in Scientific Processes and in Life  

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Actually this is a job which a student asked me to do however, I find this a very useful source of information and inspiration to others.

Making thoughtful decisions in scientific processes and in every day life are important always. Why? The basic reason for its importance is because scientific processes involve problems which needs very careful thingking. Any wrong decision will affect the whole process and at times might be irreversible. This importance is even shown in the process being followed in the scientific method. Scientists and even students of science are encouraged to follow the scientific method strictly and never to deviate or miss any single step of the method.

Scientific processes involve observations and facts and most of the time experiments done to confirm or prove the falsehood of a fact. If careful though decisions are not made, the likelihood of the conclusion being false is increased.

Our everyday life is very similar to a scientific process because we encounter problems on a daily basis. The speed by which we need to decide on certain things varies and sometimes we need to make decisions immediately. Thoughtful decisions in life are needed if we want to make our decisions well made and the results at least acceptable to us. Of coure we cannot assure ourselves that a thoughtful decision will always lead to a good conclusion or result but at least we have made the necessary precautions to arrive at an acceptable result.

Unlike scientific process however most of the problems we encounter in life appear at random or are unexpected. Unlike scientific processes too we do not have the luxury of time for some of our problems, thus we need to make decisions during a specific period of time.

I believe that thoughtful decisions are made more necessary in our everyday life than in scientific processes. The main difference is the fact that scientific processes can always be repeated while a day lost in our life can never be reclaimed and a wrong decision will be very hard to correct.

Thus in summarizing, thoughtful decisions are necessary in scientific process in order to arrive at an accurate conclusion to the process. In everyday life thoughtful decisions are needed because we need to ensure that the results of our decisions are at least acceptable and bearable.

We can live happily eventhough we fail in concluding correctly in a scientific process unless it is your job that is at risk and lives of people are at risk. In everyday life however the result of failure to make thoughtful decisions might affect the entire you and you may not even be given the chance to correct it and recover from it.

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