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Monday, May 7, 2012

The power to change and choose your destiny is always a choice that you will take alone.  No matter what others say in the end you will be the one responsible for it.  Since October 2011, lots of things had changed in my life.  I have realized lots of things and then as the song "Defying Gravity" begins its song... "Something has changed within me... something is not the same."

People will come in your life at unexpected times and whenever you make decisions you will unintentionally hurt people.  I guess sometimes when you want something good for yourself there are things and decisions that will hurt other people.  I am deeply saddened when I make other people felt that way.

In my life, I had been hurt so much and had been devastated by many things.  For me, it is better to be hurt than to hurt others but seems that these times, I can't just avoid that.  For a goal to be reached you need to be firm and even when that goal is unsure if all your sacrifices are worth it or not.

As a father, I had been longing for my kids for so long.  I just want to be with them and that is what matters most to me.  I had been humble all my life taking what other people say about me and not saying anything back.  I had always been silent and tried to control my anger because I know I cannot control myself when I become mad.

I also know that anger will eat a person up and U will not let that happen.  I am simply being me and right now the hardest thing is to defy gravity.  Defying gravity means doing something even it is tearing you apart and pulling you down.

In due time... I will know what all of these means and to those that I ave hurt and might hurt unintentionally I am sorry...

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