The PeaceTech Experience: A Journey of Peace and Advocacy  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

2006:  David D'Angelo, PeaceTech Ambassador 
It is of much joy that I listen to the speech of President Benigno Aquino III citing PeaceTech for its contribution in Philippine education.  The scene became more relevant not because I am now working at PeaceTech but most specially because I have personally seen how PeaceTech evolved from its humble beginning to what it is now.

Way back 2006, I remember receiving an e-mail from Robin Pettyfer explaining what PeaceTech is about.  He contacted me since I am the Secretary General of Brotherhood of Destiny (BROOD), Inc.  I remember him telling me that he had problems explaining to other people and organization the benefits and possibility of PeaceTech.  At that moment, I believed in PeaceTech and its capacity to make a difference.

BROOD fully supported PeaceTech since then.  From the planning of the first ever Mass Videoconference to the implementation of the first ever Peace Projects.  We hurdled through 7 Mass Videoconferences one after the other and mind you it is happening monthly. Together with Robin and Assisi Foundation, we helped in getting guests and Ambassadors who would help facilitate the Mass Videoconference.

The first Mass Videoconference at UP Diliman roughly consist of aound 400 people from each side, Metro Manila and Cabacan in North Cotabato.  It was hosted by now senatoriable Bam Aquino and Baicon Macaraya.

It evolved each month and by the last Mass Videoconference for 2006 we had more than a thousand people from each side.  It was also during this year that Gary Valenciano became a guest for PeaceTech for the first time.

After the Mass Videoconference series through BROOD, I became part of implementing various peace projects.  The aim is to spread peace education.  I was also an officer of the PeaceTech Embassy and with ambassadors like Epi Fabonan, Zabra Yu Siwa, Cesar Amoranto, Shalimar Garsula, Paul Montecino, Ayie Gardiola and many more we tried our best to empower the youth.

Robin Pettyfer during 2006

Mike Allar during charades

Gary Valenziano dances with kids during MVC 5 2006 at St. paul College Quezon City

Sen. Kiko Pangilinan during 2006 MVC 6

The crown multiplies to more than a thousand during the 6th Mass Videoconference in 2006

Another shot of the crown during the 2006 6th Mass Videoconference

Another crown shot during 6th MVC in 2006 showing the giant screens

Philippine leaders in business, religion, NGO and government are guests during the 6th 2006 MVC

After a brief hiatus in 2007, I once again saw PeaceTech in 2008 when I was invited to become a speaker and eventually visited the Mass Videoconference that year between Manila and Zamboanga.

Then on January 2011, PeaceTech offered me to work as part of its team.  I was asked to become its Communication Officer and handle the Communication Program.  I was adamant at first since it will be a big responsibility but eventually I took the challenge.  My main consideration was the fact that Zabra SIwa, a fellow PeaceTech Ambassador was there.

2011 Mass Videoconference Manila - General Santos City (PUP Manila shot)

2011 Mass Videoconference Manila - General Santos City (General Santos shot)
Gary Valentiano expresses how he was amazed of the great accomplishment PeaceTech made from 226 to present

My task was in transforming the website into an active hub for young peace advocates and it was not easy.  I tried to populate and make the website and social media reach of PeaceTech active and I am happy that my efforts did paid well.


However, my experience as part of the PeaceTech Team evolved through my 2 years of being with this team.  I learned to become the Youth Officer and handle peace projects again and also deal with PeaceTech Ambassadors and early in 2012 I also became a Field Officer for Quezon City and handle the Classroom Videoconference.

The scope and work of PeaceTech had evolved to something that concentrated in nurturing the minds of young people, particularly high school students to be relevant agents of change through the Classroom Videoconferences or CVC.  It tries to remove their prejudice and discrimination with one another and replace it with appreciation and celebration for the difference each of them possess.

The PeaceTech Teachers

Performing together with PeaceTech Quezon City schools

To the people I met in PeaceTech throughout the year, from my fellow ambassadors way back in 2006 to those who I had been in the team for the last 2 yars and so - Meg, Jimmy, Jan Vincent, Helen, Nerissa, Zabra, Tita Dolly, Zhar, Nino, Honey, Frosk, Marivic, Jonathan, Meldie, Kishee, Pahad, Josyn, Eleazar, Mark Louie, and Carlo.


Last but not the least, to Robin Pettyfer who envisioned PeaceTech and kinda put these possibilities into reality, a salute to you.  A salute to your vision and to what you had brought for peace in the Philippines.  May your legacy continue into the future.

Truly, each of us are called to be part of something and I know this one is one of those for me.  Have a great Christmas and prosperous New Year everyone!

One of my most memorable birthday celebrations at PeaceTech
Thanks for reading and for sure there will be more to share as the journey continue!

2012:  David D'Angelo, PeaceTech Communications Officer

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