A Poem from a Son  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

One afternoon, I saw my eldest kid, John Dwight throw out a piece of paper into the trash bin.  I don't know but I got curious what it was and so I picked it up and opened it.  To my surprise it was a poem about how he grew up.  As I retear ad each word, each sentence and each stanza, it pinched through my heart and started to cry.
Here is the poem which my son wrote:
     Noong ako'y musmos pa wala pa akong nalalaman.  Basta alam ko ako'y masaya.  May ngiti sa aking labi at walang bumabagabag na problema sa aking buhay.  Walang alam kundi maglaro at makisama sa ibang bata,
(When I was still young, I know nothing.  All I know is that I am happy.  There is a smile on my eyes and I do not have any problem in my life.  All I know is to play and mingle with other kids.)

     Ngunit habang ako'y lumalaki tila bakit may lumbay sa aking puso.  May luha sa aking mga mata.  Nasira ang aming pamilya at bakit ito nangyari?  Maraming tanong sa aking isian at ni isang sagot ay wala.  Kaming magkakapatid ang naaapektuhan.  Ngunit lumipas ang panahon at nalaman ko din na ang aking mga magulang ay nagsama ng maaga.  Musmos pa lamang ang kanilang isipan kaya sila'y naglokohan at kami ngayon ay luhaan sa di kumpletong samahan.
(But when I started to grow up there seems to be sadness in my heart.  There are tears on my eyes.  Our family fell apart and why did it happen?  There are lots of questions in my mind but I cannot find a single answer.  My siblings and I are the ones affected.  As time goes by I found out the answer and that is my parents married early in life.  They are not matured enough and they committed mistakes and now we are left with a broken family.)

     Sa ating pamumuhay hindi dapat magmadali sapagka't ang bawat bagay, pangyayari sa mundong ito ay mangyayari sa takdang panahon.  Sana mga ako ay bata na lamang upang sa bawat araw ay may ngiti, sigla, saya at walang problema.
(In our life we should not be in a hurry for things would come at the right time.  I wish that I am just a kid so that there will be joy, happiness and no problems at all.)

I admire my son for writing this poem in Filipino and what I admire the most is the realization in the end.
1.  We should not rush things in our life and should think that things do ome at the right time.
2.  We should enjoy our life as kids because it is only at that point in life where we can truly be free.
Thanks for reading!

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