LITERARY: "I am a Destroyer!"  

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Most of us experience love and yet even if we give our everything in the end it ends up a mess.  We wonder what happened and we kept on thinking what went wrong.  Perhaps we say it is not about us but more about the person we love, however let us also never forget that we too are part of whatever happens in our life.  Here is a literary composition, a poem specifically which I wrote just recently.  It is entitled as "I am a Destroyer."

"I am a Destroyer"

Today I am afraid
I am afraid to love.
Afraid that I might destroy
the very person I care for.

So many times I loved.
So many times I cared.
Yet so many times I failed,
and in the end I destroyed.

Who is at fault?
Is it me?
Who destroyed everything?
Is it me?

Time passes by slowly.
I just want to go back
Go back to the happy moments,
and forget everything sad.

A dragon I am.
Awed by many and idolized.
A dragon?  Yes I am.
Feared as well, and a destroyer's nature will always be inside me.

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