A Literary for My Kids  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Each day three people brighten up my life.
Each moment I woke up you are the first people I see.
Each sunrise, I hear your voices and see your smile.
Each standing up is a little bit exciting.

John Dwight is the name of the eldest.
He is upstraight and bold.
He is bright and has God in his mind.
He has a strong and bright future ahead of him.

Helen Cleodara is my only daughter.
She is beautiful and smiles a lot.
Her laughter is a song to my ears.
She is intelligent and sweet.

David Jr., the youngest and artist.
He stands his ground and knows his reason.
He is smart but lazy sometimes.
He is handsome and cool.

They are the treasure I would hold on always.
They are the blood the makes me live.
They are the inspiration to each of my day.
I love them so much.

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