A Political Candidate and His Website  

Friday, February 5, 2010

It seems that every candidate now has a website and an online presence. Even the regular councilor has find time to have his own website or blog made. This only means that the internet had been one of the avenue for eliciting votes and informing the voters about the platform of the candidate.

Key to this however is of course the design, speed, interactivity and various features of the site plus the commonly unseen fact that a website must be under a good hosting provider.

Among the various website of presidentiables an evaluation by another fellow blogger. Among the websites cited and rated the website of environmentalist and practical visionary Nicanor Perlas was the top rated site in terms of Information, Interaction and Aesthetics.

The author also noted, "I could be mistaken but Nicanor Perlas' site is actually the most informative site compared to other candidates."

Most senatoriables also has a website. These sites serves as a quick way to see the candidate's platform at a glance, interact with them and participate on their events.

The internet and new media is revolutionizing elections not only in the Philippines but around the world. In fact U.S. President Barack Obama's internet campaign strategy was one of the key factors why he did won the elections.

Hope this helps :)

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