Ultimate Fitness Diary Day 1: The Basics at Sky Fitness Manila  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ultimate Fitness Diary Day 1: January 26, 2012, The Basics and Fitness Assessment - It was my goal this year to really go into a gym, enroll and make my body fit.  Last year I was not able to do that since our office was far from most gym locations.  I was lucky enough really to be included in those who will be given a free analysis and tour by Sir Raymod Gorospe of Sky Fitness Manila.

Sky Fitness Manila is a brand new fitness and wellness facility established in October 2011.  It is located at 2nd Floor OPL Building 100 C. Palanca St., Legaspi Village in Makati City.  Going there for me was not easy because I was not very familiar with the place so I have to walk from SM Makati up to the area.  I regarded that however as my warm-up for the fitness activity.  In reality however, the location was easy to find since it is near Ayala Avenue.

Fellow bloggers with Raymond Gorospe and Kirk Hidalgo of Sky Fitness Manila
I went to Sky Fitness Manila at around 5:45pm.  My original schedule was actually 6:30 but I happened to be there earlier and I was happy that they accommodated me.  Sir Raymond Gorospe was very kind and he presented me with various forms to be signed including forms for guest and some needed forms to ensure that you understand the risk of being in a health and fitness program.

What is most important in filling out the form is being truthful.  If you have any problems with your health just be honest and check the appropriate answer.  Remember that it will not be the liability of the center if something happened to you since you did not tell it to them in the first place.

with Aldy Afuang, Sky Fitness Trainer who specializes in sports conditioning, weight management, strength conditioning and functional training.

The first thing that Sky Fitness Manila did to me was to give me a Lean Body Assessment and Posture Analysis.  It was Daphne Mae A. Obaña, one of the trainers at Sky Fitness Manila. Daphne specializes in Weight Management, Strength and Conditioning, Manual Rehabilitation, Orthopedic Cases and Sports Injuries, Postural Analysis, Physical Medicine and Sports Rehabilitation, Health Related Cases, and Special Population.

Through this I was able to know my body fitness and various content of my body based on the detection of energy.  A machine was used for this and this machine was able to read energies from the body.

The results?  Well, I am almost normal at some level but the greatest risk was the fact that I have way high body fat composition.  I weight 73.5Kb but ideally I should weigh only around 55Kg to 60Kg.  My initial goal was to lose more than 14Kg of weight.  My body fat composition was also 32%+ and ideally it should only be around 12%-20%.  That is way over the board for me already and thinking of the fact that I have already lost some weight.

Below is how the results are generated although what is shown below is not my results.

The Posture Analysis follows next and well I have posture problems as well.  The weakest part of my body are my left and right leg.  I also have a problem with my spine and also my shoulders are not balanced.  My thighs also have a problem and my knee joint are too close.  The goal for me Sky Fitness Manila says is to do corrective posture exercises.

I look at the recommendation and I saw that it was 3x-4x a week for 6 months.... that is a long time for me. My initial assessment is the fact that I am impressed at how they do it.  Their goal is not the quantity of people in their gym but to give personal one-on-one training with each person enrolled.  Their methods are very scientific and as they say is patterned after the wellness program for athletes.  In the end the ultimate goal is optimal performance as they tagline goes Optimum Performance Training or OPT.

Sky Fitness Manila says that they have created the most comprehensive program of personal training and diagnostic services in the market today, offering specialized resources that other commercial fitness centers traditionally do not offer.   Seeing the place and assessing it on my first visit I would definitely agree.

I would write more about what I did to start up my 1-month of Optimum Performance Training at Sky Fitness Manila on my nest blog.  For those of you who want to experience Sky Fitness Manila you can contact Aldy Afuang at 0917-8600690 or email 

As a little backgrounder,  Sky Fitness was established in 2006 at HarbourFront in Singapore.  THis fitness and wellness center had also been featured by notable publications that include the Singapore Tatler, Shape Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine and have been serving Singapore’s Top Multi-National Corporations and notable individuals. It expanded to India in 2009 and are now in the Philippines courtesy of Kirk Hidalgo.

YOU CAN ACTUALLY GET A FREE TRIAL AT SKY FITNESS MANILA.  All you have to do is CALL THEM NOW at telephone number (632) 478-2248 or mobile number: +639175897819 / +639175336696 and look for Raymond Gorospe, General Manager.

To know more about Sky Fitness Manila please do visit They are also on Facebook at Sky Fitness Manila or via Twitter at :SkyFitnessPh

Do follow me on Twitter at and be fit with me as I share with you my Ultimate Fitness Experience at Sky Fitness Manila. 

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